Who is About Solutions?

About Solutions is an executive recruitment agency, specialising in the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors. We’re experienced at filling permanent and contract roles, from junior positions up to C-level.

What sectors do you work in?

We recruit broadly across the manufacturing, engineering and technology sectors. More specifically, we work in fields such as automation and robotics, industrial, automotive, rail, power generation and more.

Do companies have to pay to advertise vacancies with About Solutions?

Not a penny. About Solutions invests significant sums of money building databases of relevant applicants. Our team regularly stays in contact with candidates, ensuring their information is always up to date.

How much does it cost to fill a specific role?

We agree fees with clients on an individual basis. The fee itself depends on a variety of factors, including the role that needs filling, the seniority of the position, and the pool of potential talent available. While every role is different, we remain transparent from the outset, ensuring any pay structures match the strategy required by your vacancy.

What makes About Solutions better than other agencies?

Besides our expert knowledge of engineering, manufacturing and technology, we understand that a line manager’s time is costly. We also know that resourcing candidates (especially for specialist technical roles) can be extremely time-consuming. As an agile agency, you can rely on our team to fill roles fast, with the right candidates. By reducing time to hire, we also save you money in the longer term.

What companies do you work with?

We recruit for a wide range of companies – everything from small start-ups to global engineering firms in excess of 10,000 staff. But regardless of an organisation’s size, our approach remains much the same. We prefer working closely with hiring managers and HR, personalising the hiring process to your needs.

What technology do you use?

In-house, we have a dedicated recruitment CRM system. In addition, we utilise many professional and social networking sites. Collecting and collating this data is very time consuming, which is why it pays to use an agency to do the hard work for you.

How do you find suitable candidates?

Many of the applicants we source can’t be found through professional networking sites. While we use technology to support candidate search, we believe person-to-person referrals are more reliable. When filling a vacancy, we start with a shortlist of relevant talent with the right expertise and mindset. Once we’ve jointly selected a candidate (or candidates) for interview, each is carefully briefed on the role, your company, and what’s expected of them.

Do you perform reference checks for placed candidates?

Of course. It’s all part of the service.

How do I find out more?

Feel free to contact us and make an appointment. We’d be happy to arrange a time to talk, at your convenience. If you want to take it further, we can also meet face to face.

What services / sectors do you cover?

See a full list of our sectors and specialisms here


How will you help me find a job?

Whether you’ve applied for a specific role, enquired via our website or are referred through our network, we’re interested in getting to know you. We want to understand your current circumstances, and your long-term career goals and aspirations. When we have a good feel for what you’re after, we’ll inform you of suitable positions when they become available. However, we don’t just wait for roles to appear. If we think you’re a good fit for one of our clients, we’ll approach them even if they aren’t actively advertising. As such, our reach goes beyond what you’ll find on internet job boards.

How do you differ from other recruitment agencies?

We go beyond the usual checklists used by other recruitment agencies. To find you the right role and the right culture, we want to know what makes you tick. For instance, why are you looking to move? What promotions are you hoping to achieve? Are you seeing a side-step, or do you have bigger aspirations? We also have a direct line to hiring managers, many of whom ask us to look out for specific skills. If we think you’ve got what it takes, we’ll encourage them to create a budget to hire you.

Does the service cost me?

Unlike specialist recruitment agencies in some other sectors, we don’t charge a penny. Send us your CV and we’ll arrange a time to discuss what your needs. Whether you’re applying for a particular role, or simply want us to keep our eyes open for one, we can help.

Why should I work with About Solutions?

Unlike some recruitment agencies (who simply match CVs to job roles) we prefer taking time to get to know our candidates. It’s important to find you the right role, but also the right company culture. We also have a direct line to hiring managers – many of who have asked us to keep an eye out for specific skills. If we think you’ve got what it takes, we’ll encourage them to create a budget to hire you.

Will I work with a dedicated consultant?

Yes you will. We dislike the faceless corporate approach. We also know that the best way to match you to the perfect job is to understand your needs and career objectives. Once we’ve established your aims and expertise, we’ll assign you a dedicated consultant.

Where might I end up working?

This largely depends on you. We have an extensive network of contacts and partner with a range of different companies. Whether you’re looking to work at a large corporate firm or a smaller scale start-up, we’ll find you a role in the organisation that suits you best.

How is my data protected?

To see how we collect, use and protect your personal data, please see our privacy policy.